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VTi "Vu+ Team Image Ultimo" - V 6.0.3

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VTi "Vu+ Team Image Ultimo" - V 6.0.3


increase image version to VTi 6.0.3

- update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-11-05)

fix simple service list (e.g. at AutoTimer plugin)

tiny cosmetics in service list

fix bookmark creation for new folders in MovieList

use OpenPLi code for picture decoding/rendering --> THX @OpenPLi


- update plugin OpenWebInterface (ver. 0.2.5 2013-11-05)

- update transtreamproxy (ver. 2.0)

include filestreamproxy


- update plugin PlanerFS (ver. 5.13)

- update skin AtileHD (ver. 1.6-r0)

- update skin ElgatoHD MaggyMod (ver. 1.1)

- update skin TronHD (ver. 1.1)

- update skin FutureHD (ver. 1.1d)

- add skin RedChristmasHD (ver. 1.0)



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Update: 16.01.2014

- update opera-hbbtv (2014-01-16)


  • works for compatibility
  • enhancement for seek on VOD
  • fix setDimension
  • [hbbtv/youtubetv] improvement player to stable


- update skin DarkBeautyHD (ver 1.2)

- update skin GlowHD (ver 1.1)


Update: 02.02.2014


- add skin DarkRedBeauty HD (ver. 1.0)

- update plugin AutoTimer (2014-02-02)

- update plugin DeviceManager2

- update plugin FritzCall (2014-02-02)

- update plugin InfoBarTunerState (2014-02-02)

- update plugin OpenWebIf (ver. 0.2.7 2014-02-02)

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