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Images Merlin4 Dreambox 820Hd [Oe-2.2]

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Updates  Merlin4 [OE-2.2] Images



Dreambox 820HD

Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.

merlin4 revision 325:
- InputDeviceSetup: add possibility to select remote control type
- GraphMultiEPG: partially follow changes by DMM
- MovieList: don't show extended description when only cover display is activated. For skinner: source for Cover must be changed to CoverService
- MovieList: hide cover immediately when deactivated in context menu
- RefToMovieName: update on change
- MovieList: don't show directories starting with @ when hidden directories are not shown

Fehlende Übersetzungen werden nachgereicht

Siehe auch: -> OE und Enigma2-Plugins auf Schwerkraft


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